Catholic communities thrive and grow thanks to our grants and fundraising programs. Catholic United Financial grant and incentive programs have provided millions of dollars to Catholic communities.

As a not-for profit fraternal insurance company, Catholic United Financial's mission is to give back to our Catholic communities through grants and programs.

Fraternal Grant Programs

Matching Grants for Parishes

Local Catholic United councils hold fund-raising events and Catholic United matches dollar for dollar for the first $100 raised, then 50% bonus on monies raised for the next $1,800. The maximum benefit for parishes with a council is $1,000 per calendar year. Parishes without a council can hold a fund-raising event and receive a 50% match on the first $1,000. The maximum benefit for each parish is $500 per year. The Fraternal department must pre-approve the event and the publicity for the event six weeks in advance.

School Construction Grants

To encourage the spread of Catholic education in our communities, Catholic United Financial provides grants for the construction of new Catholic school buildings or additions or remodeling to existing buildings. Grants in the amount of $15,000 and $25,000 paid over three years are available. Interested members can apply for a grant by writing to Catholic United Financial President Harald Borrmann.

Member Assistance Grants

Matching grants are available for members who are in financial need due to critical illness or natural disaster. When fellow members of the Catholic community hold a fundraiser in support of the member, Catholic United will provide matching funds.


The Catholic United MinisTREE is a partnership between Catholic United, its members and employees, and parish and Catholic school staff. Working together, volunteer service needs within the parish, school and surrounding community are identified. These service opportunities are then recorded on ‘leaves’. Parishioners and school families are then encouraged to stop by and select a volunteer leaf. When the service opportunity has been completed, the leaves are returned to Catholic United, which makes a financial contribution to the parish’s religious education program or Catholic school. Click here to read more. Fund for Catholic Religious Education

The Catholic United Financial Fund for Catholic Religious Education focuses on two important needs: First, the program provides financial support directly to your Catholic school or religious education program. Second, it provides the safety and stability of life insurance protection for your family. By purchasing life insurance from the Catholic United Financial,  you support the fund raising efforts of your school or religious education program. Learn more about this program here.

Contact us for more information on these and other programs: or call 1-800-568-6670.

Grants through the
Catholic United Financial Foundation

Catholic Education Technology Grant

The Foundation provides grants for the purpose of providing educational technology to Catholic schools and parish religious education programs. Technology purchases like software, hardware, technical equipment and more are eligible for grant consideration. Read More >>

Chastity / Abstinence Education Grant

Grants provide financial support for professional speakers, educational materials, and/or programs related to promoting Chastity and Abstinence conducted by Catholic churches, Catholic schools, religious education programs and diocesan programs. Read More >>