Achieve multiple retirement goals using one product

Fixed rate annuities help you achieve financial goals

We can have little control over outside forces, but we can and do have the power to put some certainty in our own financial plans.

When people approach me with their retirement goals and ask me for advice on how to achieve them, for many I provide the same answer. There’s a product that can help people achieve their goals, and establish a degree of certainty in their retirement savings; it is a fixed rate annuity.

Fixed rate annuities are a wonderful way of helping to lessen uncertainty in a retirement plan. A fixed rate annuity is an interest-bearing product with a guaranteed minimum annual percentage rate of return. There are many benefits of using annuities to provide “for sures” in our planning and help us achieve financial goals.

Financial Goal #1 - Reduce or eliminate investing risk, and the emotional stress that comes with it.

Fixed rate annuities provide a guaranteed minimum interest rate which can eliminate the risk of the losing money.

Financial Goal #2 - Improve your tax situation both now and at retirement.

A fixed rate annuity can be structured to provide for tax deferral as the annuity grows, which can increase the balance.

Financial Goal #3 - Make a plan that provides retirement income for life, without the danger of outliving your savings.

Fixed rate annuities guarantee income for life if annuitization is elected.

Financial Goal #4 - Increase your savings options.

Fixed rate annuities provide multiple options on income creation and your future income payments.

Financial Goal #5 - Reduce the amount of fees you pay for financial portfolio management.

If you choose an annuity from Catholic United Financial, you’ll pay no annual fees or service fees.

In times of uncertainty Catholic United Financial can be a great resource to provide help for those who are looking to put their financial house in order. Our knowledgeable and caring Sales Representatives are here to help you through the process of gathering and analyzing information, and to provide answers and support. If life insurance and annuities would provide the certainty you desire, using Catholic United Financial products can provide a safe, guaranteed choice when building a solid plan – while also benefiting our Catholic parishes, schools and communities.

If you’re ready to start wading through the uncertainty to find some solid ground, please contact your local Sales Representative. We’ll help you arrive at a solid, safe plan for you and your family.

May God bless you and your families.

Ahead and Ahead Safely