End of Life Issues from a Catholic Perspective Workshop

Workshop:Finding Christ's Light in the Darkest Moments - End of Life Decisions from a Catholic Perspective Workshop

Attend a compassionate and timely Adult Education workshop about End of Life Planning from a Catholic perspective.

Father David Hemann will address end-of-life questions, and will provide steps for putting together a valid Catholic Health Care Directive. 

Speaker John Tetzloff, Advanced Case Specialist for Catholic United Financial, He will also speak about the financial aspects of end of life decisions, including final expenses, estate plans, charitable giving, power of attorney and more.

Location: Holy Cross Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, 3012 Jackson St, Sioux City, IA 51104


Time7:45 am

Sales Representative Angie Jorgensen
Workshop Host:
Angie Jorgensen, FIC

Questions about end of life issues will be discussed:

  • Must medical treatment always be continued?
  • Are Catholics allowed to have Living Wills?
  • What is Church teaching about “Death with Dignity”?
  • How do I make my Catholic health care directive?
  • Does the Catholic Church allow cremation?
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Visit our YouTube channel where you will find several videos on financial education topics.

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