Workshop: Keys to Financial Well-Being For Your Aging Parents

Workshop:Keys to Financial Well-Being For Your Aging Parents

Are you concerned about your parents now that they are facing age-related financial challenges? Are there potential threats to their estate and assets due to future medical or assisted care needs? Do you want to help make secure everything they’ve worked a lifetime for? Do you desire to take action, but aren’t sure how to even start the conversation?

You are invited to an educational discussion on “Keys to Financial Well-being for your Aging Parents”. This workshop is sponsored by Catholic United Financial and Sale Representative Vicky Giacalone.  

Attend this compassionate and timely Adult Education workshop to learn ways to guide your parents through planning steps to ensure they are prepared for the next stage in life.

Sales Representative Vicky Giacalone
Workshop Host:
Vicky Giacalone, FIC

Location: St Bernard-St Hedwig Parish, Thorp, WI


Time6 PM

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