Caring For The Community During COVID-19

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Learning from each other

Caring For The Community

Despite being safe at home, some of our members are finding ways to help others in their community. Check out what they are doing below. 

Eve Hennen, our wonderful Sales Rep in Belle Plaine, MN, is a woman of many talents and jobs. Not only is she a wife, mother, Sales Rep, and farmer, but she is also an EMT. Here’s what she is doing during COVID-19.

Hennen had this to say, “Usually during my shift, in between ambulance calls, I take care of phone calls and emails to and from my members. Today I’m doing that, along with working on some requests for masks and surgical hats for front line workers. Feeling blessed I’m able to help people in more ways than one while still being present for both jobs at the same time.”

Eve, you are inspiration to many. Thank you for all the services you provide for your community. 

This little girl is a member’s great niece whose family has been visiting the local nursing home from the outside and spreads joy among the residents by singing and dancing with her brothers. She even went there on her 5th birthday! They made and put up this sign for her with all of their pictures and signatures on the bottom. How sweet is that?!  In addition to visiting the nursing home, the children ages 12, 7, and 5 made 16 masks for the local hospital.