Easter blessings to our members and friends

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Easter is the spring of the heart – the rejuvenation of our Faith – the resurrection of hope as all that has died is reborn and returns to life again. It can only be considered coincidence that now, as the COVID-19 vaccine has begun to proliferate and life appears on the verge of returning to normal, that we look with special significance at this Holy Week. It is up to each of us to take what lessons we can from the past year and celebrate Christ’s resurrection with a renewed appreciation for the gift of life.

This happy Easter, we wish you the most joyous of holidays. Challenges we’ve faced together have given us the opportunity amid this wonderful season of rebirth to focus. Despite all the hardships and changes, we have all been given a gift, a chance to appreciate the little things in life that tend to fade into the blur as we usually rush by in our busy lives.

Easter 2021

Take time this Easter season to recognize that the little things you do add up. They are everything – they are the sum of what this Association is, which is nothing at all without all of you. The way we continue this mission into the future is with you, but also your friends and family, coworkers and fellow parishioners. They can also be a part of this whole body, whose ability to create opportunity only grows as more people join our cause.

Our hope is with you, as is our faith, in the rejuvenation of all of us as a community, as Catholics, upon the careful reopening of our society. May God Bless you all this Joyous Easter.

He is risen indeed.