Make the Career Transition with Our Help

Our Sales Team members are leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and sales professionals who found meaning on a mission to grow the financial security of Catholics in your community.

We’re Growing and We Need You!

It couldn’t be a better time to join Catholic United Financial, with new products, a new business plan and a renewed mission to grow our membership, mission impact and more. This will give our newest local Sales Reps the added confidence to make a difference in the community, with parishes and people through our products of life insurance, long-term care, annuities, legacy planning and banking.

The Best Person to Talk to Is Pat

Our long-time Sales Manager Pat Brown is heading up our recruiting efforts. Pat knows us. He is passionate about us and would love to talk with you about a sales career. “If anyone knows someone who wants more meaning in their career or wants to know more, I’m happy to meet or chat over the phone,” states Pat. “With all the new products coming online, our members and potential members have not had this kind of product lineup since I started over 30 years ago.”

Pat lives and breathes Catholic United Financial. He has nurtured and grown some of our most successful and tenured Sales Representatives over the last 30 years. He can give you an honest assessment of how you or someone you know could fit in with our organization and what it takes to be successful living your faith with a career at Catholic United Financial.“

“I love working with people. You can’t find a more faith fulfilling career out there than with Catholic United. Like they say … when you start working here (and it is always hard to describe to people), you feel the good deep down in your soul … and it’s an awesome feeling when you feel that way at your job!”

Call, text or email to
“Chat with Pat” over a cup of coffee!

Patrick Brown