Nov 19, 2019 – Maximize Charitable Giving Workshop – Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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Workshop:Maximize Your Charitable Giving

This is a free workshop offering tips, tactics and tools to use modest gifts in tax-smart ways to give now and leave a legacy after you pass. Why wait to give charitably until after you die? Watch your charitable gifts bless others during your lifetime. It is possible through strategies that benefit both you and the charities of your choice.

Speaker Robert Heuermann, Executive Director of the Catholic United Financial Foundation, works with individuals and churches on a regular basis to make the most of their charitable giving. The Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

Location: Assumption High School, 445 Chestnut St, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

Date:Nov. 19, 2019

Time:5:30 pm

Sales Representative Vicky Giacalone, FIC
Workshop Host:
Vicky Giacalone, FIC

Questions about charitable giving topics will be discussed

  • How can we transform modest charitable gifts into sizable donations?
  • What is bunching? How can you use it to your advantage?
  • How can you make donations from IRAs for your charity that are beneficial to your tax footprint?
  • Bequests are the most popular way to give to charity, but are they the best way?
  • Can I use financial tools to give now, get a tax benefit, and leave an income for myself?

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