Sept 29 – Estate Planning Basics Webinar

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Workshop:Estate Planning Basics: Are you prepared?

Leaving a legacy isn’t just for the well-to-do, it’s for everyone, and it’s easier than you think. There’s no hard-sell at this workshop, just practical advice about using proven, time-honored methods like wills, trusts and charitable giving plans. Speaker John Tetzloff, Advanced Case Specialist for Catholic United Financial, will guide you through these topics using his 25 years of experience in the insurance and financial products field.

Location: Online


Time6 pm


Topics to be discussed:

  • Managing estate tax exposure and protecting assets
  • Making the best decisions regarding wills and trusts
  • Understanding how probate will affect your family and estate
  • Planning and funding for final expenses
  • Setting up documentation like power of attorney and health care directives
Sales Representative Donna Nelson
Workshop Host:
Donna Nelson
Call: 320-221-1566
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