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Lester and Linda Braulick

St. John the Baptist Church in Searles, MN

Service to Others

St John the Baptist of Searles’ prayers were answered 20 years ago when Lester Braulick took over as our Pastoral Administrator when our previous administrator moved out of the area. Lester has continued as our Pastoral Administrator since then and has done so without pay! His wife Linda has been his right hand, taking care of the office and other duties.

Whenever there is work needed–painting, roof repair, bathroom remodeling, you will find Lester and Linda front and center getting help and working hard to see things through. Lester is also the “sexton” (cemetery caretaker) for our parish cemetery.

Innovative Leadership

When our church dinner fundraiser needed to be canceled this year because of COVID, they took it upon themselves with the help of others to have a socially distanced “hamburgers in the park” for all our church members after Mass on our church grounds.

When we were able to have Mass again after Minnesota allowed it, they set up our Church for social distancing and were always there before and after Mass to offer help. They have helped plan Christmas programs and assisted with all of our fundraisers. As well as being chairpersons of our annual Catholic United council cookie bake, including this year when COVID caused catholic United to cancel the fundraiser, finding a safe way to get some cookies baked and to have a drive-by cookie sale. Leftover supplies that were ordered in advance were donated to a local convent, food shelf, and nursing homes.


St. John’s Catholic United Financial council and our parish members are amazed at Lester and Linda’s selfless dedication to our parish. They have literally kept us going. Linda recently said to me, “Les and I have decided to make it our mission to see our parish through to the end!”

Harvey Stadick – I am humbled by this couple who have done more for our parish than anyone!!

Bob Griebel-Our parish would not be here without their kind dedication to all of us!!

Dianne Melzer – We are fortunate to have Lester and Linda–they do so much for our parish which inspires all of us!

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