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Amy Hollan

St. Mary’s Church in Bird Island, Minnesota

Service to Others

Amy Hollan’s service to the community knows no boundaries. Amy has been a member of the St. Mary’s parish choir for more than 30 years. She is a song leader for the parish and has sung at hundreds of funerals over the years, leading those who mourn in beautiful song and prayer. When asked, she served as the choir director for a youth choir at St. Mary’s. Whenever there is a need she can fill, Amy steps in!            

Amy truly cares for the seniors in our community. She can often be found visiting friends at the assisted living center, giving rides to elderly people who can’t drive to run errands, and leading sing-a-longs at the Buffalo Lake Healthcare Center, to lift spirits and have fun with the residents. She also volunteers for Renville County Hospice, offering prayers, faith testimonies, and comfort to those preparing for death. She has done all these things for years and still continues to do so (safely) during the pandemic.


“Amy helps cover the office when we have staff meetings (usually weekly) – which helps free us up to take care of parish business. She helps with large mailings throughout the year which also helps us SO much and is SO appreciated. She is very knowledgeable about music and serves on our Music Ministry Committee to help plan the music for the parish. I’m not even sure how many times she has been a song leader – at the very least, once a month! She even goes to her neighboring parish, St. Boniface and sings there too! She helps with funeral dinners and is one of my “go-to” ladies for funerals who helps order food and get things planned for mourning families. I call her all the time for help, and she is always willing to help. She is also wonderful to just ask for ideas and receive support for the work we do.” – Sue O’Halloran

“I’m in awe of the service Amy provides our area communities. Her service knows no boundaries – she volunteers in Olivia, Bird Island, Hector, Buffalo Lake, and Stewart. She gives so cheerfully of her time and talents! I had the blessing of being a part of the same bible study group with Amy years ago and her faith-filled reflections and open vulnerability in sharing her life’s challenges with faith and prayer made a lasting impact on me. We have remained good friends since our group study. I admire her and am motivated to volunteer more because of her example.” – Karen Schulte

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