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Virginia (Ginny) Olberding

Church of St. Philip in Litchfield, MN

Service to Others

Ginny serves in several capacities for the School of St. Philip, the Church of St. Philip, and in the community of Litchfield.  She is the Vice President of our local Catholic United Financial Council.  She plans, cooks, and facilitates the Catholic Untied Chili Luncheon, and Salad luncheon and Breakfast each year for the School of St. Philip.  Ginny is always willing to take charge or lead any event that will help the community of Litchfield or the Church Community.  She is a joy to work with and people enjoy working with her.

She serves as a Eucharist Minister during Mass and is part of our church decorating committee.  As part of the decorating committee, she does the shopping for the decorations and then decorates the church for all the church events and liturgical times.   She is also co-chairperson of the event at church called ladies night out.  She helps decorate tables, serves the meal, and sets up the entertainment each year.

Innovative Leadership

In the community, Ginny serves as the scheduler/facilitator for the Red Cross Bloodmobile in Litchfield as well as delivers meals on wheels to those who are shut-in. In addition, Ginny is the primary caregiver for her 100-year-old mother, Florence who lives with her.


“As the Pastor of the Church of St. Philip in Litchfield, I am very grateful to Ginny for her significant service to the parish in preparing the environment in church for the various liturgical seasons.  Ginny’s creativity and attention to detail contribute to the beauty of each season within our worship space.  Her giving of her time and talent helps our parishioners to enter into God’s saving actions for us.  This kind of behind-the-scenes work is so important to the faith-life of our parishioners, but it is not recognized very often.” – Fr. Jeff Horejsi

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