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Glen Rodel

St. Mary’s Church in Bird Island, MN

Service to Others

Glen Rodel has been and continues to be a great volunteer at St. Mary’s Church and School in Bird Island. He is a lifelong member of St. Mary’s Parish. He looks ahead to see what needs to be done or jumps in to help in any events that are going on in the parish by completing the task or organizing a crew to get the job done. At the cemetery he keeps the grounds clean paying attention to the monument and headstones that he trims as needed. In the spring he seal coats the driveways. Glen keeps up a planter formed around the flag pole constructed at the cemetery. Glen constructed and maintained an aluminum recycling bin as a fundraiser for the school. Just before school started in the fall he painted lines for a 4-Square Game and for the basketball hoop on the playground. He has helped at the annual “Back to School Blast” held in August for St. Mary’s School. Helps the Liturgy Committee change the environment in the church for the seasons of the church year. He repainted and put new soil in the outside pots ready for new plants. This winter he painted in the Rectory during the remodel. As you can see Glen is the guy who goes out of his way to share his talents with the parish.

Innovative Leadership

Glen recognized what it takes to keep the parish buildings and ground updated. He organized a crew to repair the kneelers in the church. He also organized a group that rewaxed the church pews. He’s been involved in repairing the steps in the front of the church. Glen is constantly checking with Father George and Father Joe to see what else he can do. All that he has done or organized has used the talents of many to save the parish the cost of repairs. At just about any time of the day or week, Glen can be seen on the parish grounds or cemetery keeping everything looking great!


“Glen is a humble man who doesn’t want to be acknowledged for what he does, He does it because he loves his parish!” Nancy Aaseth, Liturgy Committee Chairperson says, “Glen can always be there with a helping hand whenever the Liturgy Committee has a project in the church.”

“Glen is easy to work with on projects. He is open to all ideas presented.” stated Gene Ebbers. 

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