Volunteer of the Month – August

Dorothy’s daily prayer is “Lord I pray that in thought, word and action and in the use of my tongue, that I may love, honor and respect all people.  May I witness for Jesus to the people whose lives I come in contact with each day.”  Dorothy has been a witness, not only to me but to the many, many people whose lives she touches through the many activities where she shares her time and talents.  She brings Christ’s love to others through her service. – Lori Timmerman, Parish Volunteer Team Lead and Holy Redeemer Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator

Dorothy has always been a person to bring Christ’s love, honor, and respect to others through her volunteer work.  She volunteers 4 days a week at Holy Redeemer School, sharing Christ’s love as she works with students helping them with math facts and listening to them read.  She attends daily Mass to praise God and receive strength to carry out His will in her daily life.  She uses that strength to serve others.  She is a blessing to the Faith Formation program where she is an excellent substitute.   She prays a Holy Hour each week as part of our parishes Perpetual Adoration Program.  When needed she will bring a pan of bars, salad or cake for parish funerals and events.  She sings in the funeral Resurrection Choir when available.  When she goes to Arizona for a month in January, she is still a servant – preparing and serving meals to the homeless through Paz de Christo. 

Dorothy is always available with compassion to help others in need and share the love of Christ. She is one to always ask before major events for family and friends, “What can I do to help?”  It is very clear that she helps wherever and however needed and for that we want to show Dorothy our appreciation.

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