Volunteer of the Month – December

Learning from each other

Volunteer of the Month – December

Clara actively participates at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, at the school, and with the Holy Family Volunteer Team activities. She is one of those special people who does not like recognition but instead acts as a secret agent of kindness, helping others behind the scenes without them even knowing it. When Clara sees a need to help others or sees work in the church or community that needs to be done, she just does it because it’s the right thing to do.

Every year, Clara organizes and executes a Cookie Bake, sponsored by her Catholic United Financial Parish Volunteer Team that provides approximately 80 dozen cookies to several places in the local community that service disadvantaged people.  Clara is always updating the Cookie Bake with new recipes and new ways of doing things; she has been in charge for decades.  Her volunteers include adults, teens, and elementary-age children from multiple parishes.  Clara also engaged with and collected email addresses from attendees at our Turkey Bingo activity to make it easier for us to contact local Catholic United members in the future. Thank you, Clara, for all that you do!

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