Volunteer of the Month – July

Learning from each other

Volunteer of the Month – July

Lester Braulick of New Ulm is a vital volunteer at the St. John the Baptist Church in Searles, MN. He has kept the parish going as administrator, maintenance, and financial volunteer for the last 11 years without compensation! The parish would not have survived this long without him.

Lester has also been an outstanding volunteer for 30 years at the St. John the Baptist Council Matching Grant Cookie Walk, which has flourished over the years. In 2019, they raised $21,000 in cookie sales and sold over 4,000 dozen cookies. This effort would not be as successful if it weren’t for Lester and his custom-made cookie press invention. Each cookie used to be hand cut with a cookie cutter, but with Lester’s hand cranked press you can cut a dozen identical cookies in 4 seconds.   

Lester truly is a servant of the Church and for that we would like to show our appreciation.

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