Volunteer of the Month – October

Learning from each other

Volunteer of the Month – October

Bob Schoenfelder is very passionate about helping others.  No job is beneath him: he mows, removes snow, cleans the church hall, and maintains the outside/inside church appearance. He works and volunteers tireless hours while his wife and he are battling their own health issues, which doesn’t seem to slow down his appetite to succeed. He is a true inspiration for others to follow.       

“Bob always goes above and beyond any project he is involved in. He is a hands-on person who is not satisfied until the project is done to the best of his ability.”  Jane Baier

The Catholic United volunteer team in Dimock, SD was inactive when Bob started 10 years ago and now it has been either in the gold or platinum status since he and his team took over. He has written many grants and helped organize events to help raise funds to update our religious education program. The team also recently hosted a successful breakfast benefit for a child of the parish who has had many medical needs/surgeries over the years.

Susan Weber- “Bob is a kind and caring man who always puts others ahead of himself.  He shies away from praise or recognition for any of the work he is involved in. He is a true “volunteer”.”

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