Volunteer of the Month – September

Learning from each other

Volunteer of the Month – September

Cindy Novy of Pine City continually brings the community together to serve those in need. Deacon Eugene Biever said that “Cindy truly loves our Lord and tries with the talents and gifts God has given her to make God’s house and this world truly a holy and blessed place to worship and live in.” Within her parish, Immaculate Conception, Cindy has worked with the local Catholic United Council to initiate many soup suppers, All Souls Day events, and was instrumental in setting up Altar Sodality ministry and fundraisers to help pay for supplies to decorate the church throughout the liturgical calendar. Monsignor Aleksander Suchan shared that, “Cindy’s love and devotion for the Catholic Church and its parishioners are felt in every corner of the church.”

In addition to being passionate about her parish, Cindy is also passionate about supporting mission work in Tanzania, Africa. After she saw a need for funds for the Mary Knoll Lay Missionary in Africa, she created the Liz Mach Missionary fundraiser and the Africa Dinner. They have both become big fundraisers. This fundraiser consists of a bake sale, silent action, craft sale, items sold from Africa, and coffee and rolls served all on one day. Cindy recruits parishioners to come together on nights before the event to bake, craft, and put together silent auction items. This helps to create an environment of parishioners working together and getting to know one another for a common goal. In just the past 3 years alone they have raised $26,279.81 to go to the mission in Tanzania.

According to another council officer, “Cindy is a person of Faith, Fortitude, and Friendship. She helps to make you a better person just by knowing her. She is very meticulous about her whole life, in charity, volunteer works, and gives 110% in everything she does.”

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