Our informative financial workshops for Catholics are now online

As a big Bob Dylan fan, the phrase “The times they are a changin” is running through my mind a lot these days. Our collective “worlds” are certainly in a flux of challenge and change so far in 2020. Because of this, we all have adjusted how we live our daily lives and change our perspective on how we view the world.

One big change that Catholic United has made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is how we present our helpful financial workshops. Normally held in church fellowship halls and basements, we presented more than 50 workshops in the five-state area in 2019. This year, we’ve had to cancel our upcoming workshops in order to follow pandemic protocol. The need for these educational workshops is still high, so we’ve come up with creative solutions to continue offering the content to Catholics in the Upper Midwest, and even beyond.

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To do this, we’ve moved our workshops to the digital world in the form of live online webinars. Since March, we’ve offered webinars to four different parishes and had great responses from the people who attended. Parish priests, the local Catholic United rep, and I have had timely and in-depth discussions on the importance of the Catholic teachings on end of life issues, as well as the estate planning decisions everyone should be aware of and plan for. The attendance has been great as well. All a person has to do is register for the webinar in advance and then join in at the appointed day and time on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Attending the webinar live is helpful since we include time for audience questions and interaction with the speakers.

I’ve been particularly happy with the question and answer time we provide during each presentation. While I and the priest present our material, attendees can submit questions as they come up during the presentation. We have had some really thoughtful discussion on topics attendees really care about.

Remember, the world around us will always be in a constant state of change, much of which we can’t control. Make sure you have plans in place for the things you CAN control: Your estate plans; Your end of life choices; and simply keeping your heirs up to date with your wishes.

Always remember that, ultimately, God is in charge and there is a plan for all of us. My outlook on all this has certainly been easier knowing that God will take care of us and that faith in that is so very important.

God bless you and your families.