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As a not-for-profit, fraternal life insurance company, we are structured to be an asset to local parishes and schools. We continue to be the original safety net for families and their faith communities. All of our profits after expenses and reserves are set aside, are returned to the local Catholic community in the form of grants, programs and scholarships. Our programs bring tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of volunteer hours to the parishes and schools that have put them in place.

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 Parish Financial Impact

$18 million

in member-supported grants for Catholic religious education

$4.4 million

in tuition assistance provided to 8,000 member families


workshops and events on financial education for all ages

$9.8 million

raised over the last 12 years for 130 Catholic schools

Plus thousands of volunteer hours generated by programs full of energized and engaged parishioners of all ages.


Parish Benefits Calculator

Calculate the benefits you can generate by becoming a partner in our Giving Network. Click the programs that could apply to your parish or school, and watch the benefits grow!
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 Connect with Your Local Sales Rep

Extraordinary financial pressures on your parish or school require extraordinary solutions from your parishioners and families. Your local Sales Representative is the gatekeeper to transform the day-to-day into the extraordinary.

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Provide Catholic-based strategies
Sales Representative showing young couple documents., a common responsibility in our Sales Careers

Help parishioners manage their future giving and planning

Help You Join the Giving Network

Discover grants and volunteer opportunities to support your parish community

Increase Charitable Giving

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Reveal creative ways to amplify charitable giving

 Financial Education with a Catholic Focus

Studies show that parishioners whose financial situations improve tend to give more to the Church. That’s where Catholic United Financial can help. We offer financial education workshops teach your parishioners how to make better decisions with their income and prepare them for pivotal moments in life. We don’t sell anything at these workshops and our expert speakers keep the atmosphere light and conversational.

Watch a workshop clip - "Modest means can produce a legacy gift"

 Transform Charitable Giving

Supercharge and transform your fundraising, charitable giving, capital campaigns and stewardship appeals using resources from your local Sales Representative and the Catholic United Financial Foundation. Tithing can translate into future contributions substantially increased through the power of planning ahead and the right tools. 

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