Catholic United is hiring!

Impact People, Live Your Faith, Do Meaningful Work

Current Catholic United Sales Reps explain their work backgrounds before they joined our sales team and how their current careers provide meaningful work.

Meet Bailey: Former teacher

Meet Travis: Labs & Construction to Sales Career

Meet Philip: Odd jobs to stability

Meet Donna: Making friends & offering solutions

Sales Careers

Our sales team members are former teachers, managers, laborers and professionals who made the transition to a career on a mission to grow the financial security of Catholics in their communities.

How do we help you transition to a sales career?

  • Step-by-step onboarding plan
  • Financial knowledge development
  • Ongoing CE and mentoring from successful colleagues
  • Work/Life flexibility
  • Personalized marketing support

As a Sales Representative

You will serve as a liaison to the Catholic parishes, schools and groups that benefit from the presence of our members and our fraternal programs and benefits. You will witness faith in action, and you will be a catalyst for positive improvement within the Catholic communities you serve.

In your Sales role, you’ll
  • Educate members about our services and develop new business
  • Generate new leads by networking within the community
  • Identify the services that best address our members' needs
  • Sell products that ensure a solid financial future for our members
  • Meet sales targets according to a sales plan
Catholic United financial Gradient Emblem.


Jackie Ottoson