Universal Life insurance

A wealth-building tool that can protect your income and grow in value at the same time
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Owning a Universal Life insurance policy makes a strong addition to your financial plan, while providing flexibility as your life changes.

A Universal Life insurance policy combines the protection of permanent life insurance with the accumulation of cash value at current, competitive interest rates. This type of permanent insurance provides security, growth and flexibility for children to senior adults.

Security, growth and flexibility

Security – Protection for your entire lifetime. Guaranteed by Catholic United Financial.

Growth – The cash value portion of your universal life insurance policy, as long as adequate premium payments are made, provides you with steady, tax-deferred growth for the long term.

Flexibility – You can pay more or less than your scheduled premium payment, provided there is sufficient cash value to keep your policy in force. An adjustable death benefit also provides flexibility.1

What are the benefits of a Universal Life Insurance policy?
  • Permanent insurance protection for life
  • Guaranteed death benefit - income tax free
  • Tax-deferred cash accumulation
  • Flexible premium payments
  • Adjustable death benefit*
  • Guaranteed minimum interest rate on policy fund
  • Competitive current interest rate
  • Fund withdrawals and policy loans
  • Optional riders**

ULT Combo Plan - get the best of both

The Universal Life and Term (ULT) combination plan from Catholic United Financial was created especially for young families. By combining the benefits of these two unique policies and converting over time, you can:

  • Earn a significant discount on your Term policy, especially for people in their 20s and 30s.***
  • Guarantee a minimum level of lifelong protection.
  • Grow your permanent protection as your financial situation changes or improves.
  • Guarantee convertability for the entire Term period.

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*Proof of insurability required for face amount increases. **Additional premium required. ***Annual $50 Term Policy fee waived if Universal Life remains in force. Level Term ($100,000 minimum) and Universal Life ($25,000 minimum) policies required. See Sales Representative for details. Forms 08UL-1, 06T-1.