More than $4 million in scholarships given to our members since 1955

The 2025-2026 Post-High School Scholarship Application Period Begins March 1, 2025.

We help our members achieve their educational and career goals

For members of any age seeking to learn a trade, earn a certification or complete a college degree, Catholic United is here to help. Our Post-High School Tuition Scholarship program gives our members tuition assistance for their educational goals.

Getting the most out of your scholarship

A scholarship award is a one-time member benefit. While the average scholarship recipient is a recent high school graduate, Catholic United members of any age pursuing a degree, diploma or certification can apply for a scholarship.

  • $500 for attending a Catholic college, university or institution
  • $300 for attending a non-Catholic college, university or institution

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

The first step to eligibility is to be a member of Catholic United Financial through the ownership of one of our financial products.

Many parents make their children members by insuring them with a Single Premium Youth Term Life insurance policy. See the Scholarship Guidelines below for details about eligibility.

When do I apply for a scholarship?

The scholarship application period is open from March 1 to April 30 each year. 

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Applications are accepted online through our Member Portal system, available to our members and volunteers. Click here to set up your account and select “Scholarship” from the blue menu. Review the Scholarship Guidelines below to find out if you are eligible to apply.

What if I'm undecided on my educational institution?

If you have not made a decision on which educational institution you will attend, put your first choice. This information will be verified after recipients are notified, and can be changed later.

Who can answer my question about the scholarship program?

If you have questions about the scholarship program itself, please call the Member Engagement department at 651-490-0170, or 800-568-6670 or email engage@catholicunited.org.

If you have questions about your eligibility status, or you need assistance setting up your Member Portal account to access the online application during the application period (March 1-April 30), contact the Member Services department at 800-568-6670 or email info@catholicunited.org.

What if I've never volunteered with Catholic United before?

The application will ask you to indicate your level of involvement with your local Catholic United Council or Parish Volunteer Team. Volunteer involvement with your assigned Council or Parish Volunteer Team is not required in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Do you offer other college funding options?

Catholic United Financial Credit Union partners with Sallie Mae to offer college students and their families affordable student loan options and repayment plans. The Credit Union also offers Coverdell Education Savings Accounts which offer tax-deferred savings on qualified expenses.

Post-High School Scholarship Eligibility

The following guidelines dictate your eligibility to apply for a post-high school tuition scholarship. 

• You MUST be a member of Catholic United for at least 2 years prior to application deadline, on or before April 30. If you are not a member, do not apply. Your application will be rejected.

• You must be entering any year of your FIRST post-high school degree or certificate program in the fall of the year you apply. 

• If you have received our scholarship in the past, please do not apply again. This is a one-time member benefit to eligible Catholic United members.

• Members studying for Master’s and doctorate degrees are not eligible for the scholarship program. 

Matching Dollars

Some partner colleges, universities and institutions are willing to match, dollar for dollar, the Catholic United Financial scholarship. Contact your institution to see if such a program exists, or review the existing partner list: