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Open for Business during shelter in place period

From the President: We are open for business during the shelter-at-home period

Catholic United will be OPEN for business for the duration of Minnesota's Shelter-At-Home order during our regular business hours.
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Ways to Help During Covid-19

Looking to volunteer in this time of need? Here are a few ways to pray, communicate, donate and give during the quarantine. 
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John Tetzloff, Advanced Case Specialist, provides expert estate planning advice

Near retirement? How to manage a financial storm

Turbulent markets are a signal that you need to be diversified in a way that some of your money is protected.
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Foundation N95 masks

Catholic United Financial Foundation donates N95 masks to Minnesota nurses

Small stockpile reserved for disaster cleanup crews donated to Minnesota nurses union.
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New 2019 IRA contribution deadline

Gov’t extends IRA contributions deadline – What this means for you

Government extends IRA funding deadline to July 15, providing owners more time to make contributions affecting 2019 tax footprints.
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From the president

From the President: Updated response to the COVID-19 pandemic

During this period of uncertainty and extraordinary events, I want to assure you that our Association remains strong and capable.
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2020 Raffle total graphic

Catholic Schools Raffle starts second decade with new drum and new record

What better way to start the second decade of the Catholic Schools Raffle program than achieving a new fundraising record?
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There is a way for a regular people to become “legendary.”

Legends live on in our hearts, and regular people can become legends

There is a way for a regular people to become “legendary" by using life insurance for their charitable planned giving.
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2020 Prize ceremony details

Media Alert-Catholic schools strive for $10 million mark on March 12

Gridiron meets glamour on March 12 at the 2020 Catholic Schools Raffle Prize Ceremony hosted by Matt Birk and Miss Minnesota Kathryn Kueppers
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Young man praying in a modern sanctuary

Prayer request for our seminarians

As our seminarians face challenges, moments of joy and growth, and constant surrender to the will of God, please keep them in prayer.
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