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Educational webinars bring our workshop content to you

We've moved our adult financial education workshops to the digital world in the form of live online webinars.
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Catholic United Bands Together results

Catholic United Bands Together Concert Series

Thanks to the 4,000 people who viewed our free online concert series in June. Our partnership with Catholic musicians helped raise almost $6,000 for charity.
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Contactless meetings with your local rep are available

Safe, contactless meetings with local reps available

In an anxious era, we are encouraging all of our members to check in with their local representative to review their products through contactless meetings.
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Happy Independence Day - July 4th, 2020

Happy Independence Day, 2020

Catholic United Financial wishes our members, friends and volunteers a safe and joyous Independence Day on July 4, 2020
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Luke Spehar Concert June 30 at 8 pm

Catholic United Financial is partnering with Catholic musician Luke Spehar to spread the message of music, worship and unity on June 30
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June 2020 Concert Series Jon Konz

Jon Konz Concert June 23

Catholic United Financial is partnering with musician and speaker Jon Konz on June 23 to spread the message of music, worship and unity.
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Thanks Harald! Memories of the Borrmann era

Thanks for the memories. We're remembering many moments from President Borrmann's time at the helm of Catholic United Financial.
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Sonar Concert June 16

Thank you! Our Catholic United Bands Together concert fundraiser on June 16 was a success. We appreciate everyone that tuned in live on that Tuesday night to enjoy the music by Sonar and to hear testimony about the work of charity Haiti180.
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Aly Aleigha Concert June 9th

Catholic United Financial is partnering with Catholic musicians to spread the message of music, worship and unity during June 2020 with free streamed concerts.
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Vital, behind the scenes volunteer from St. Leo, MN honored with award

Shirley Jelen selected by Catholic United as Volunteer of the Year for her near-total commitment to serving others.
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