Volunteer Teams

As a not-for-profit fraternal benefit society, Catholic United Financial has a representative government made up of member Parish Volunteer Teams (PVTs) and Councils. These groups exist to promote and fulfill our mission through volunteerism and charity.

PVTs and Councils hold events to serve, celebrate and support religious education. Catholic United Financial provides added value to these events through our Member Engagement programs. Collectively, these groups have raised millions of dollars for their Catholic communities.

Parish Volunteer Teams

Designed to bring motivated and passionate leaders together to support a common mission, our Parish Volunteer Teams provide opportunities to improve Catholic parishes, schools, and communities through sponsored activities and outreach.

Members that organize as an official Parish Volunteer Team are able to amplify their efforts through our  framework of fundraising, faith, service, and support.

Contact the Member Engagement department to schedule an informational session for your parish or Council. We are happy to meet with interested members of your parish congregation to discuss becoming a Parish Volunteer Team and the benefits it can bring to your community.

PVT Structure

A Parish Volunteer Team consists of five leadership positions fulfilling these roles:

Team Director

 – Provides guidance and delegation to team members
 – Encourages group mission and maintains focus

Administrative Coordinator

 – Manages team information and reports on activities
 – Handles checking/savings account and financial records

Publicity Lead

 – Creates a team of like-minded people for publicity needs
 – Builds relationships with parish, school, and community
 – Manages development of event publicity.

Event Lead

 – Develops a team to meet logistical event needs  – Works with vendors and records event timelines

Volunteer Lead 

 – Grows volunteer base and tracks volunteers attending  – Recognizes and thanks outstanding volunteers.

Catholic United Councils

The first councils were formed in 1878, and exist to promote and fulfill our mission through volunteerism and charity. Councils are staffed by volunteer officers who manage communication, collect fundraising dollars and communicate with the Member Engagement staff to coordinate and deliver benefits to their communities.