Workshop Topics

Financial Education with a Catholic focus

Of Catholics who increased their charitable giving, 43% said the increase was because their financial situation had improved.* 

Our workshops can answer your questions, improve your financial outlook, and increase your ability to give.

Workshop Short - Charitable Giving Secret

Robert Heuermann says people inclined to give charitable should know about how to give using IRA funds.

Workshop Topics

The financial education topics presented below are taught by experienced financial professionals. All materials are provided free of charge. Nothing is sold at these workshops. They are provided for educational purposes to encourage Catholics to consider their faith as they consider their finances.

End of Life Issues from a Catholic Perspective

It’s emotional, it’s personal. This timely workshop is for people of all ages and life situations: singles, parents of young families, those who care for aging/infirm parents, and those facing illness or death. We will have a discussion with a priest about common questions and discuss some of the financial topics that come up as the end of life approaches.

What are the issues?

  • Must medical treatment always be continued?
  • What is Church teaching about cremation and living wills?
  • How do I make my Catholic health care directive?
  • What is Church teaching about “Death with Dignity”?
  • Why is pre-planning my Catholic funeral important?
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Basic Estate Planning

This session covers estate planning topics designed to jump start the planning process. Attendees will leave with five insightful takeaways to maximize the effectiveness of a plan and what they need to do to get started.

Topics discussed include:

  • proper use of wills
  • reducing probate
  • is a trust the right fit
  • taxes and fees to avoid
  • protecting and passing along assets
  • testimonials from average people who went from confused to confident
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Advanced Estate Planning

This is a more in-depth look at complex estate planning issues and how to handle them. Our Advanced Case Specialist will attend as can other experts who have expertise advising clients on and implementing sophisticated gift tax planning strategies, modifying trusts, income tax issues related to trusts and structuring charitable gifts.

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Recruiting, Engaging & Retaining Volunteers

An interactive workshop providing practical tips for reaching all generations in volunteer service.

Topics include:

Stress-Free Downsizing

For those of us with an empty nest looking to make lifestyle changes, or those with parents considering such changes, we face a unique set of financial and material problems. Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • holding a family meeting about downsizing mom and dad
  • asking the right questions when selecting senior housing
  • making the transition to a downsized lifestyle
  • “Who gets what?” will planning
  • moving material assets - what stays and what goes
  • moving financial assets - know what you got and protect what you have
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Charitable Giving

Be generous. Learn about tools that can maximize your modest gift to a local parish, school or charity that is most important to you.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • charitable giving as part of an estate plan
  • proper use of wills and bequests
  • assigning charities as beneficiaries
  • legacy planning through a donor-advised fund
  • maximizing a modest gift using charitable life insurance, gift annuities, charitable trusts
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Faith and Finances for Catholic Young Adults

Get young Catholics on better financial footing with this 3-session series meant to teach them the basics of personal financial planning.

Our speakers will explain:

  • the basics of personal budgeting
  • saving for retirement and college
  • understanding credit scores and making wise credit decisions
  • estate planning principles for families with children
  • how insurance works
  • avoiding expensive debt
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Long Term Care & Medicare Supplement Insurance

Geared toward folks between ages 50 and 64, this workshop provides an overview of these two types of insurance, what they cover and how they fit into the average financial plan.

Our speakers will explain:

  • view plans available to them in five minutes or less
  • how to cover the gap between health insurance and extended care costs
  • coverage options for both types of insurance
  • find the best plans for the best value
  • pick the best prescription plan for them on www.Medicare.gov
  • how Medicare supplement insurance differs from Medicare advantage plans
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Farm & Business Preservation

This workshop provides an overview of trends that compel farm owners and businesses to explore estate planning options and preservation tools that will help secure their farm or business for future generations. Learn about issues involved in the development and implementation of a succession plan, and what preservation options are available to help make the best decision for the future of a farm or business.

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Financial education with Catholic United

Advanced Case Specialist John Tetzloff is joined by other experts to explain topics relating to final expenses, estate planning, charitable giving, asset protection, wills and trusts, and more.


Explaining Medicare and Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Specialist Tara Donohue Weiss explains the basics of Medicare coverage, plans, supplemental insurance and costs related to this federal health care program.


End of Life Issues from a Catholic Perspective

Learn more about end of life issues from a Catholic perspective. Deacon Kyle Kowalczyk explains church teaching on the issues we will face with our loved ones at the end of life.


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