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No matter the size of your assets, you can put an estate plan together with help from Catholic United Financial to ensure that your estate will benefit the people and charities that matter to you.

Catholic United Sales Representatives and our Advanced Case Specialists can help you create create a quality estate plan that honors your wishes, protects your assets, and aligns with your Catholic faith. Tap into the power of Catholic United Financial.

Expert Advice for Estate Planning

Video: If your financial situation is complex, Catholic United Members can call on an expert

Catholic United Financial has three Advanced Case Specialists on staff to assist our members with complex financial situations, estates and asset protection needs. Watch this short video as our ACS staff talk about who and how they help. (Length –  1:56)

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Financial education with a Catholic focus

Set Up For Success

School leaders and Raffle Coordinators told us the impact of the Raffle continues and the excitement it generates year after year is still going strong.
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Pitfalls to avoid when Downsizing

Avoiding common downsizing mistakes is crucial for a smooth transition to a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle.
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Women and Estate Planning Webinar-May 2024

Webinar: Women and Estate Planning

Join Catholic United Financial and Attorney Rachel Schromen for a webinar that will guide women through the fundamental principles of estate planning, offering actionable insights and practical advice.
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Become a member and become something more

Membership in Catholic United Financial starts after you purchase a product from us. Membership means aligning your finances to your faith, and:

  • Making our grants, scholarships and incentive programs possible
  • Encouraging volunteer work and training
  • Fundraising for Catholic parishes, schools and religious education programs
  • Participating in the business decisions of a company that is member-owned and operated
  • Bringing benefits to your local Catholic community