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An affordable life insurance option for the short term
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Protect your family and home with term life insurance

Don’t lose what is often a family’s biggest financial asset: your home. People work long and hard to provide a roof over their family. Unfortunately, many either don’t insure or under insure for an unexpected loss. All that you worked for can be gone in an instant. For most families, that can be huge shock. We can help.

We will work with you to choose the right amount of coverage that can match the term of your mortgage. We offer 15-, 20-, and 30-Year Level Term life insurance. You can use the tax-free proceeds to pay off the loan if someone passes.

Affordable protection for years to come

Term Life is generally more affordable for young adults compared to Whole Life and Universal Life. At the end of the term, you can renew your coverage or convert to a permanent plan without taking a medical exam.

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What term policies are available?

Level Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers level premium payments throughout the initial term, with the ability to convert to permanent insurance at any time, or renew the term coverage options at the end of the initial term.

15-Year Level Term – For ages 18 to 70

20-Year Level Term – For ages 18 to 65

30-Year Level Term – For ages 18 to 55

Youth Term Coverage

For children ages 15 days to 17 years, this term policy offers affordable term policies that can be converted to up to $50,000 of permanent coverage up to age 30. Single premium or periodic premium plans are available. Plus, the insured child is eligible to apply for a post-high school tuition scholarship later in life.1 Learn more here…

“Grow With You” ULT Combo Plan

Our ULT Combo life plan offers you the economy of term life insurance with the cash-growth advantages of permanent universal life insurance. Purchase a combo plan from Catholic United and save money versus buying each type of protection separately. The ULT Combo plan also offers term conversion opportunities.

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1 Parents must be beneficiaries. Convertible to up to $50,000 in permanent coverage before expiration without further evidence of insurability. Membership includes eligibility to apply for post-high school tutition scholarship available to members in good standing (minimum of 2 years). Forms 06T-1, 08SPYT-1