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Transfer an account and simplify your retirement planning

Simplify your retirement planning by transferring an account to Catholic United Financial. Or, realize the benefits of consolidating multiple accounts into a Catholic United product free of stock market risk and monthly fees, while earning a guaranteed rate of return.

Are you in this situation?
  • You have one or more 401(k) accounts from a previous job?
  • Do you need to consolidate multiple accounts into one secure place?
  • You have a Certificate of Deposit (CD) that will mature soon?
  • Are you concerned about a pension or retirement account that has lost value?
  • Do you want to manage risk in your retirement plan or investment portfolio?

Simple Savings Solutions

Catholic United Financial has simple savings solutions at competitive rates for your retirement planning. You can consolidate your old 401(k), pension and retirement plans into an IRA* with Catholic United Financial.

Catholic United Financial currently offers Traditional and Roth IRAs at competitive rates, with a guaranteed minimum rate for the life of the contract. And when you roll over your old retirement accounts, we won’t charge you any upfront fees to consolidate your money into one of our annuity products.

For CD customers, you can place the balance of your CD into an annuity that is guaranteed not to lose value with a guaranteed rate of return. Our annuities provide income for the length of your retirement without burdensome service fees.

Talk to your local Sales Representative to learn about your many options for retirement planning.

Transfer an account: Single Payment Options

Have you considered the stability and security of life insurance? Catholic United also has several single-premium life insurance plans available to you. For one single premium payment, you can start a permanent policy that gives you life insurance coverage immediately, plus the added features of cash accumulation, guaranteed growth and dividend options (features dependent on type of permanent insurance contract).

Learn about our life insurance options here.