Our First Triennial Conference is History! 

To our delegates, attendees, employees, members and friends who made it possible, thank you for helping us make our first-ever Triennial Conference a great success!

Conference Resources

“Catholicism after COVID” eBook

Click/tap on the button to access a copy of the Word On Fire eBook “Catholicism After COVID” Michael Laughery referenced in his presentation on Sunday.

Patrick Conley

Called and Gifted Resources

Click/tap on the button to view more resources from the Catherine of Sienna Institute’s “Called and Gifted” series, introduced to us at the conference by Patrick Conley.

Casting Your Net Wide breakout session panelists - 2021 Triennial conference

Casting Your Net Panelists

Connect with breakout session panelists on empowering young adults and volunteers to find, connect and belong to an active life of discipleship in the church.

Annie Tracy
Center for Evangelization and Discipleship
Email  •  952-405-6585  •  www.catholiccend.org


Maureen Bourgeois
Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement
Email  •  612-568-3580  •  www.catholiccend.org


Video: Volunteer of the Year Award

View an inspiring video about Tricia Manuel, our 2021 Volunteer of the Year

Catholic Schools Raffle Documentary

The uplifting and exciting documentary video about the Catholic Schools Raffle, one of the biggest fundraisers for Catholic education in the Upper Midwest, is available to view.

“Good Wealth” Presentation Prayer

God, you have created me
to do you some definite service:
You have committed some work to me
which you have not committed to another.
I have my mission –
I may never know it in this life,
but I shall be told in the next.
Somehow I am necessary for your purposes:
as necessary as an Archangel in his.
I have a part in the great work;
I am a link in a chain,
a bond of connection between persons.
You have not created me for nothing.
I shall do good, I shall do your work;
I shall be an angel of peace,
A preacher of truth in my own place.
Deign to fulfill your high purposes in me.
I am here to serve you, to be yours
to be your instrument. 


–John Henry Newman

Conference Speakers

Michael Ahles

Catholic United Financial

Protect and Connect: The Catholic United Impact

You’ll be impressed to learn just how big an impact the Association, Foundation and Credit Union make on our Catholic community. But what does the future hold? Come hear about our vision for Catholic United and the people and products that make it all possible.

Odell Mitchell III

Attorney, Kindness

Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations workshop gives people the skills to step into disagreement— rather than over or around it—and turn disagreement into dialogue for improved relationships and results.

Dr. Michael Naughton, Ph.D.

University of St. Thomas

Good Wealth: The logic of “Gift” in a culture of entitlement

The scriptures and the Church’s teachings are full of appeals of “good wealth”—how we create and acquire it, distribute it, and use and give it away.

Patrick Conley

Radio Host

Unwrapping the gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit brought with Him an abundance of specific gifts that have been given to us as unique individuals for living out our personal vocation in this life. Learn about how to discern the generous, gracious gifts that have been given to you!

Michael Laughery

Financial Consultant

Michael Laughery

Catholicism Post-COVID

Join us for discussion on ways your volunteer teams can lead the local parish on a path forward in a post-COVID world. Michael will use examples of leadership from the history of the Catholic faith to inform our response to current events and culture. Don’t miss this discussion as Michael will help attendees develop a framework for shaping the path forward for their teams 

The Most Rev. John M. LeVoir

Spiritual Director

The Very Rev John M LeVoir

The Most Rev. John M. LeVoir, Spiritual Director of Catholic United and retired Bishop of the Diocese of New Ulm, will preside over Mass on Friday and Saturday evenings in the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas.  


Friday, August 6

3 pm to 5 pm
Registration and Check In
for Overnight Guests
Koch Commons
3 pm to 5 pm
Reception and Socializing
Enjoy refreshments while browsing informational tables and socializing.
5 pm to 6 pm
St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel with The Most Rev. John LeVoir
6:15 pm to 8 pm

Dinner and Presentation:
"Protect and Connect - the Catholic United Impact"
Woulfe Hall
8 pm to 10 pm
Social Time
Enjoy a hosted bar, desserts, live music, and socializing

Saturday, August 7

7:30 am to 8 am
Peace Garden
7 am to 9:30 am
Check In and Breakfast
The View
9:30 am to Noon
Business Session
Woufle Hall
Noon to 1 pm
1 pm to 3 pm
Open Time
Open Time: Take part in a service project, tour the campus, browse the exhibits, socialize with friends
3 pm to 3:15 pm
Leadership Conference Kick-Off
Volunteer of the Year Award Presentation
3:15 pm to 4:45 pm

Crucial Conversations Mini-Workshop with Odell Mitchell III
5:15 pm to 6:15 pm
St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel
6:45 pm to 8 pm

Dinner and Keynote Speaker:
"Good Wealth: The Logic of Gift in a Culture of Entitlement" with Dr. Michael Naughton
Woufle Hall
8 pm to 10 pm
Social Time
Hosted bar, dessert, bowling, bingo, card games and socializing

Sunday, August 8

7:30 am to 8 am
Peace Garden
7 am to 9 am
The View
9 am to 9:15 am
Opening Remarks
Woufle Hall
9:15 am to 10:15 am

Unwrapping the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with Patrick Conley
10:30 am to 11:15 am
Breakout Sessions
11:30 am to 12:15 pm

Catholicism Post-COVID with Michael Laughery
Woulfe Hall
12:15 pm to 12:30
Closing Remarks and Prize Drawing
Woulfe Hall

Breakout Sessions

Join us on Sunday, August 8th for lively breakout sessions on practical issues involving group leadership, volunteering and more
Sunday Breakout Session: Casting Your Net Wide for Volunteers
Topic: Casting Your Net Wide: Capturing Multigenerational Volunteers
Join us to learn how you can (re)build your volunteer programs for long-term success with multiple generations post-COVID-19. We'll offer suggestions for ways to retain, recruit, recognize and inspire your volunteers. We'll also discuss how we can recruit more bright-eyed young people to complement your more seasoned volunteer base.
Sunday Breakout Session: Energized Event Publicity for Everyone
Topic: Energized Event Publicity for Everyone
Does your event publicity plan depend on the parish administrator's permission to make flyers on the church copy machine? Do you want no cost, low cost, super simple and out of the box publicity ideas for your next event? This breakout session will focus on a selection of publicity techniques and resources that you can use to promote your next parish event or fundraiser. Go beyond the bulletin with these ideas to hopefully put your publicity in front of more friendly faces.
Sunday Breakout Session: Medicare Made Easy
Topic: Medicare Made Easy
Frustrated or confused with Medicare enrollment, or shopping for Medicare Supplement insurance? You are not alone. The complexity and information overload can seem overwhelming. Attend our workshop and listen as our Medicare Supplement Specialists guide you through an easy-to-follow summary of Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Documents for Delegates

Member Owned, Member Operated

As a member-owned, not for profit company, Catholic United Financial is governed by you, the member, through our Giving Network of local Parish Volunteer Teams and Councils across the Upper Midwest. Every three years, elected delegates from those bodies gather at our Triennial Conference to conduct company business, vote on policies set in our constitution, and elect candidates for leadership positions on our Board of Directors.

Member involvement is key in helping Catholic United Financial live out our mission and vision, as is the involvement of our many volunteers and Catholic leaders who connect with us to perform joyful service for those who live in and around our Catholic communities. To encourage equip all of us in that mission, we have added a leadership symposium. It’s going to be a ministry-expanding and encouraging event for all involved.