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Is your Medicare Cost Plan going away in 2019?

According to the Minnesota Dept. of Commerce, 370,000 Minnesota seniors who have Medicare cost plans will need to enroll in new plans in 2019.

Are you one of them?

Medicare supplement insurance can fill in the gaps between your medical expenses and your current Medicare Health insurance.

Close the gap in your Medicare coverage

Catholic United Financial offers Medicare supplement plans designed to go hand in hand with your current Medicare coverage. Our plans will help pay for the expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover.*

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Our Medicare Supplement Insurance plans offer personalized care from a large selection of physicians and specialists, plan options** and a simple claims process that reduces complex claims paperwork.

Your local Sales Representative can explain your plan options. Contact yours today.

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Tara Donohue Weiss, FIC
Medicare Supplement Insurance Specialist

Medicare Supplement Specialist Tara Donohue Weiss

Medicare Supplement Insurance is underwritten by: Catholic United Financial, Medicare Supplement Administrative Office, PO Box 27248, Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0248

Learn about Medicare at our free workshops

In less than one hour, learn your best options for Medicare and Supplement Health insurance at this free workshop, sponsored by a financial services company that honors your Catholic faith. Learn these details about Medicare:

  • Who is eligible for coverage and where it is offered
  • Different plans and options
  • How to close any gaps in Medicare coverage
  • How where you live affects your options and pricing
  • Best times to enroll in a Medicare supplement insurance policy
  • And more...

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How do I find a doctor?


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Check your Enrollment



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*Neither Catholic United Financial nor its standard Medicare Supplement insurance policy are connected with or endorsed by the US government or the federal Medicare program.  **Plan options vary depending on where you live. This is not a solicitation of insurance. MSW2018-1

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