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Close the gaps in your Medicare health insurance

Partner with a Catholic company that has a 140-year record of people helping people.  Catholic United Financial offers Medicare Supplemental Health insurance (Medigap) to fill the coverage gaps you may experience with basic Medicare. Our Medicare Supplement Insurance plans offer personalized care from a large selection of physicians and specialists, plan options** and a simple claims process that reduces complex claims paperwork.

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Medicare Supplement Health Insurance is underwritten by:
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What do you mean by “gaps”?

According to Medicare.gov, “Medigap insurance helps pay some health care costs that original Medicare doesn’t cover.” This includes copayments, coinsurance and deductibles — the gaps in your coverage that you likely have to pay out of pocket. 

How does Medigap close the gaps?

After you incur a Medicare-covered medical expense, Medicare will pay its share of the costs. Your Medigap policy from Catholic United then steps in to pay its share. In most occurrences, the paperwork will be directly handled between us, your medical provider and Medicare. You will not have to submit additional paperwork. 

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Catholic United Financial and its Medicare Supplement insurance policy are not connected with or endorsed by the US Government or the federal Medicare program. Plan options vary depending on where you live. This is a solicitation of insurance. ©2022 Catholic United Financial