Catholic United Financial announces Renee Brod as new Lead Director and a webinar series focused on women and finances 

Catholic United Financial, a member-owned, not-for-profit financial services company, is pleased to announce that Renee Brod will be the new Lead Director of the Catholic United Financial Board of Directors. Brod will replace Robert “Bob” Krattenmaker, who will be retiring from the Board at the end of this year, due to term limits. Krattenmaker served on the Board for 13 years and Catholic United Financial is grateful for his service.

Brod has been a member of Catholic United Financial for over 35 years, with roots in the German/Czech Catholic community of New Prague, Minnesota. She and fellow Catholic United Financial Board Member, Jean Hart, are both alums from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minn. Brod comes with considerable experience in corporate business and leadership.

“I enjoy serving on the Board because I receive aninsider’s perspective of how the organization works. This allows me to bring forward greater ideas to help the Association, our Members, and our Catholic communities,” said Brod. “I have the ability to provide insightful contributions to the Board because of my college, professional, and childhood Catholic experiences.”

Catholic United Financial has a history of commitment to women in leadership roles. In addition to having several departments led by women and female representation in the field, Brod is the second woman to be appointed as Lead Director on the Catholic United Financial Board of Directors.

“The past 10 years of serving on the Catholic United Financial Board of Directors has been absolutely amazing,” Brod said. “It’s an honor to serve my final term as Lead Director”.

With the help of Brod, Catholic United Financial was recently introduced to the organization, WINE (Women in the New Evangelization). Developed as a creative ministry, WINE helps to invigorate women’s groups and parishes through encouraging, supporting, and nurturing women in the Catholic faith. Catholic United is looking forward to a continued partnership with this organization, including an upcoming event in Waconia, Minn., in August 2023.

Catholic United Financial encourages women of all ages and stages of life to increase their personal finance awareness. To help with this effort, Catholic United presents Women and Their Finances Webinar Series that will help women gain practical knowledge on personal finance topics. Part one of the series—titled “Growing Your Financial Confidence Starts with Awareness”—will help women learn why they need to prioritize personal finance knowledge and provide a roadmap on how women can become more financially savvy. The webinar will be held on May 24, 2023 at 7 pm CST and will be free and open to the public. To register, visit