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What is your situation?

We provide financial services to Catholics from all walks of life.
A firefighter father and his wife and 3 children in front of an old, red firetruck.

Young Families

Life insurance can provide income replacement so that your family can continue to live as normally as possible
  • Term Life Insurance to protect your income and mortgage
  • Youth Term Life Insurance that includes scholarship eligibility
  • Permanent Life Insurance for life long protection
  • Credit Union for college savings, vehicle loans and more
  • IRAs and Annuities to save for later in life

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A real Catholic United family outside of their farm.

Established Families

Life insurance can be customized to your busy lives and changing needs as children move out, or move back in
  • Permanent Life Insurance for life long protection and saving
  • IRAs and Annuities since retirement is down the road
  • Retirement Planning free of charge
  • Auto Loans for teen drivers
  • Home equity loans for improvements or additions

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A senior couple sitting on a bench by the garden.

Retirees and Seniors

Help secure your retirement income from risk while protecting your assets for future heirs
  • Senior Life Insurance to pay for end of life costs
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance to avoid gaps in medical coverage
  • IRAs and Annuities to safeguard retirement savings
  • Estate Planning free of charge
  • Charitable Giving to support the Church and charities

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A young gentleman standing in front of his tractors in their shed.


You have more mobility than most, but protecting your portfolio and managing finances are still concerns
  • Term life insurance to protect your finances
  • Permanent life insurance establishes security
  • IRAs and Annuities with guaranteed rates
  • Charitable Giving additional income for good causes
  • Credit Union for vehicle loans and savings

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A husband and wife reviewing documents with their agent.

Business Owners

Life insurance can pay off business debts, business estate taxes of fund a buy/sell agreement to help a business partner buy out your share
  • Permanent life insurance to protect a business
  • IRAs and Annuities for tax advantages
  • Charitable Giving as a responsible member of the community
  • Retirement Planning for yourself and your employees

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A husband and wife, wearing jackets, smiling at the camera.

Empty Nesters

With retirement near, securing all you've earned is important
  • Permanent life insurance protects income and assets
  • IRAs and Annuities to consolidate 401(k)s and retirement accounts
  • Retirement planning for the next stage of life
  • Estate planning to reduce taxes and set up plans or trusts

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Our promise:

Guaranteed Growth for You
Guaranteed Generosity that Honors Your Faith

We reinvest profits back to the Catholic community as grants, scholarships and support

Become a member and become something more

Membership in Catholic United Financial starts after you purchase a product from us. Membership means aligning your finances to your faith, and:

  • Making our grants, scholarships and incentive programs possible
  • Encouraging volunteer work and training
  • Fundraising for Catholic parishes, schools and religious education programs
  • Participating in the business decisions of a company that is member-owned and operated
  • Bringing benefits to your local Catholic community

How do I get started?

Contact your local Sales Representative to have a conversation on the type and amount of life insurance that’s right for your situation. Your local rep can also provide you with a personalized quote.