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Total: $89,201

Our Giving Network operates in the parishes of the Archdiocese of Dubuque to generate funds for Catholic education, and to support community-building activities. 
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The reason for, the model for, the example of our giving is truly the grace and sacrifice of Christ himself
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in parish and member grant programs

Contact our Member Engagement dept. to bring these grant and fundraising programs to your Catholic parish.

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Matching Grants $52,88859%

Matching Grants provide up to $1,000 in matching dollars for sponsored fundraisers that support religious education. Learn more.

Post-High School Tuition Scholarships: $20,90023%

Catholic United awards scholarships to our members seeking undergraduate degrees, diplomas and job training certifications. Learn more.

Member Assistance Program: $8,4069%

To help members in need, Catholic United Councils will host a benefit and raise money to help a member due to illness, accident, or military service. Learn more.

Legacy Programs: $2,7593%

Dollars raised by grant programs that have been retired by Catholic United.

MinisTREE: $2,4183%

Catholic United’s MinisTREE fundraises and recruits volunteers for parishes and schools at the same time by engaging volunteers in volunteer tasks and making donations for tasks completed. Learn more.

R.E.new Fund for Catholic Religious Education: $1,8302%

Catholic United provides grants that enhance religious, family and service events in parishes and communities. Learn more…