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The Big Give: SECURE Act 2.0 and Charitable Gift Planning

Webinar Summary

An amazing gifting opportunity was created by Congress in early 2023 and your local Catholic parish or charity could benefit! Passage of the SECURE Act 2.0 into law allows seniors aged 70½ or older to give a one-time, tax-free $50,000 rollover from their IRA into a charitable gift annuity.

Speaker Robert Heuermann, Executive Director of the Catholic United Financial Foundation, will explain how this process can offer you protected income for retirement, satisfy your required minimum distribution, potentially offer you tax benefits, and provide a gift for your local parish or charity! Learn about this great opportunity the federal government is offering charitable-minded seniors like you. 

The information in this presentation is based on our understanding of the laws and regulations currently in effect. Catholic United Financial is not permitted to provide legal or tax advice.
Consult your personal legal or tax advisor with questions about your specific situation.