Catholics in Iowa have new opportunity to direct their charitable giving

Catholic United Financial Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with the Diocese of Sioux City, Iowa to provide Catholics with an opportunity to establish their own Donor Advised Funds (DAF). A DAF is a charitable giving vehicle established at the Catholic United Financial Foundation for the benefit of entities of the Diocese of Sioux City. DAFs allow donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction and then recommend grants to entities of the Diocese of Sioux City from the fund over time.

“The Diocese of Sioux City is excited to join with Catholic United Financial Foundation in the partnership of a closed-end Donor Advised Fund to benefit the entities of the Diocese,” said Susan O’Brien, Director of Stewardship and Development for the diocese. “The St. Elizabeth Fund is another option to provide our donors with an opportunity to meet the new tax laws, as they relate to charitable contributions. Through contributions to the St. Elizabeth Fund, the ministries of our church in the Diocese of Sioux City are supported now and into the future.”

Foundation offers Catholics new ways to give to charity

Examples of the organizations intended to be supported through Donor Advised Funds in the Diocese of Sioux City St. Elizabeth Fund include: your home parish, Catholic schools in the diocese, Catholic Charities, the Holy Spirit Retirement Home, the Marian Home and Village, and the Grotto of the Redemption.

“I am very excited for this opportunity to partner with the Diocese of Sioux City to assist with the St. Elizabeth Fund!” said Angie Jorgensen, local Sales Representative of Catholic United Financial. “We feel privileged to work with the Diocese of Sioux City to support their schools and parishes. This is part of our mission to educate and grow our Catholic Community.”

You can set up a new Donor Advised Fund with a $5,000 minimum tax deductible donation. Distributions from your fund can be made at any time in the future, and you can make additional donations to further grow your fund at any time.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, click here for more information. You can also contact Angie Jorgensen at ajorgensen@catholicunited.org or contact Executive Director Robert Heuermann to discuss this and other charitable opportunities for you to support your Diocese and the many important Catholic organizations which serve your community.

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