Have You Done Enough to Protect Your Income from Market Downturns?

It’s no surprise that the market recently has people feeling uneasy. During these unprecedented times, many are wondering if inflation and the market downturn will impact future abilities to cover the most basic of expenses. Unfortunately, we have little control over what the market does, but we can have control over our own financial and income protection plans.

When it comes to helping people achieve their financial goals and certainty in their retirement savings, an annuity can be a viable solution. Annuities from Catholic United can fill a critical gap in your retirement portfolio by providing a guaranteed rate of return and protecting your nest egg and income from drops in the market.

The benefits of owning Catholic United annuities include:
  • Protection from stock market risk
  • A guaranteed income stream for retirement
  • A guaranteed rate of return
  • A competitive interest rate
  • Protection of your principal
  • No upfront service charges or annual fees
  • No surrender charges after the surrender period ends

There are various types of annuities, providing you with options for how and when you contribute, the level of investment risk you’re comfortable with, and when you begin receiving payments. Additionally, an annuity can be established as a qualified plan, such as a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Tax Sheltered Annuity, or specialized retirement plan.

It’s important to understand that an annuity is a long-term savings vehicle that’s primarily used for retirement planning. An annuity may not be right for you if you think you may need your money in the short-term. As always, your local Sales Representative can answer any questions you may have.

What makes you a good candidate to buy an annuity?

Age: If you are between the ages of 50 and 64, you are the ideal age to purchase an annuity. By the time you are ready to retire, you will have created a nice nest egg on which you can rely.

Savings Status: Annuities are good investments for people who have maxed out their 401(k) or IRA savings plans. Extra savings can be applied to a long-term annuity that will give you peace of mind and financial security throughout your retirement.

Tax Bracket: Ideal candidates fall into a higher tax bracket because they can benefit the most from the tax deferment.

Wait Time: Annuities are ideal if you don’t need immediate access to the money.

Available Funds: An annuity can provide long-term stability, but you’ll need the funds to get started.

Pension-Free: Annuities are ideal if you are not entitled to a pension.

There has never been a better time to consider adding extra security to your diversified portfolio using the benefits of an annuity from Catholic United. When the time comes to take income, our annuities can also create a lifetime income stream that can never go down or run out. Don’t risk outliving your money and protect your nest egg today!

When you open a new Catholic United annuity—connect and protect with a faith-directed company with over $1 billion in assets—and give yourself real retirement security.

Should you have questions, your local Sales Representative can help guide you through the answers and provide you with helpful ideas.