2020 Catholic Schools Raffle

Since 2009, the Catholic Schools Raffle has been one of the most effective and impactful fundraisers for Catholic education in the Upper Midwest. In fact, 65 percent of all K-8 Catholic schools in the region have participated at least once in the Raffle, and we’re inviting more schools to partner with us every year! 

One of the most effective and successful fundraisers for Catholic education in the Upper Midwest!

See which schools are partnering with us to reach their goals and amplify their fundraising efforts. Is your local Catholic school one of our partners? Find a school…

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We have a story to tell about millions — yes, MILLIONS — of dollars raised for Catholic schools across the Upper Midwest, from Rapid City, South Dakota to International Falls, Minnesota. Learn about our success!

A brand new car is at the top of the list of $40,000 total in prizes in the Catholic Schools Raffle, more than 45 prizes in all! Each ticket is a chance to win and support a school. View the prizes…

Catholic United Financial turns profits into sponsorships of great programs like the Catholic Schools Raffle. Find out how purchasing financial products through us amplifies your ability to give back to your Catholic community. Read more…

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Staff are available to answer your questions Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 4:45 pm and Fridays from 8 am to 12:30 pm.

Call: 800-568-6670

Email: raffle@catholicunited.org

What goes into our Raffle promotional kits?

Posters, flyers, banners, boxes, bags and…of course…raffle tickets! Watch this video to see kit production in action. The kits are ready for delivery in January to our partner schools. Who is getting excited?

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Membership in Catholic United Financial starts after you purchase a product from us. Membership means aligning your finances to your faith, and:

  • Making our grants, scholarships and incentive programs possible
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  • Fundraising for Catholic parishes, schools and religious education programs
  • Participating in the business decisions of a company that is member-owned and operated
  • Bringing benefits to your local Catholic community