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Catholic United Leaders celebrate our 2022 Catholic Schools Raffle Grand Total announced on March 10, 2022. Join us!
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2023 Catholic United Financial Raffle

Since 2009, the Catholic United Financial Raffle has been one of the most effective and impactful fundraisers for Catholic education in the Upper Midwest. In fact, 2 out of 3 of all K-8 Catholic schools in the region have participated at least once in the Raffle, and we’re inviting more schools to partner with us every year! 

Welcome to our new schools in 2023:

St. Thomas School of Madison, SD

St. Thomas More Catholic School of Brookings, SD

See the full list here

2022 Catholic Schools Raffle Stats

85 Partner

Across Minnesota &
South Dakota

in Prizes

Grand prize is a
brand new SUV!

Over 14,000 students

in participating

Goal: Can we beat last year's total of $1.49 million?

Yes, we can do it

One 9-foot long
raffle drum

to hold almost
400,000 tickets!

One of the most effective and successful fundraisers for Catholic education in the Upper Midwest!

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