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One of the great things about seeing people doing good things, is it inspires us to want to do good things too. But how often does that inspiration fade when we encounter roadblocks to offering our service?

Discouragement can come in many forms, but often we find that simple information is the biggest hurdle to overcome. And the harder a person has to look to find that information, the less likely they are to act on it. So here are three ways you can easily get involved, feel fulfilled, and who knows, maybe make some lifelong friends in the process.

1) Local Officers

Depending on your area, your nearest Volunteer coordinator may be a Catholic United Council, or a Parish Volunteer Team. We’re also looking to debut School Volunteer Teams this year, so you may encounter that. Whatever it’s called, its leadership is a first point of contact if you want to get involved. You can quietly research who that is by going to the Catholic United website and clicking the login button on the upper right. Sign in (or create an account) and when you do, your assigned council’s information will be your “home” screen. You’ll find your local volunteer coordinator’s contact information at the bottom of the screen. Note, they may be called the “president” or “fraternal secretary” – if their name is there, they want you to call, text or email. Get it touch and get involved!

2) Local Sales Rep

Technology schmecknology you say? Well, look no farther than your anchored-to-the-wall landline or a good old-fashioned handshake after Mass at your favorite parish – your local Sales Representative is absolutely your go-to for getting you in-touch. Not only will your Sales Rep know who the right people are to make contact within your Parish or area, they’re also an ideal facilitator for you to meet your local coordinators. Of course it’s uncomfortable to cold-call someone you don’t know – that’s why those jobs are so hard – tell your Sales Rep you want to get involved and meet some of the people in your council or PVT, and they will enthusiastically introduce you to the right people. You can call, email or text your Rep, but here’s the exciting part – if they introduce you after Mass, it will be just like the old days when people talked face-to-face!

3) YOU!

Here’s the thing, some of the people reading this want to get involved, some of them, want to get those other ones involved! A lot of council officer and PVT leader questions to the Member Engagement department are some version of “How do we get more people to attend?” Well we’ve done some research and we’re reporting our findings. The best way to get people to participate in your events: ASK THEM TO.

There’s nothing more powerful than being asked to help. You don’t have to make them uncomfortable, but put them on the spot, e.g., “Hey, you’re really great at drawing – can you help us paint the mural this Tuesday?” or “Wow, you’re really organized, can you help with our matching grant breakfast next weekend?”

According to Member Engagement Director Nate Lamusga, “People who take the initiative and just ask ‘Can you help us?’ get numbers. And the people who say ‘Yes’ after being put on the spot? They’re almost always happy that someone asked.”

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