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Welcome to our new website! We’re excited to launch this new and improved site that will be faster, more secure and easier to use.

What has changed?

Our website has been redesigned to be easier to navigate, and more mobile friendly. We have also made security enhancements to ensure your experience on this site is protected. Here’s a short list of things that have changed:

– site design
– site structure (where content is located)
– site security
– The site is now compatible with most smartphones and tablet computers, as well as desktop and laptop computers.

What hasn’t changed?

– The password-protected area of the site retains the same design.
– The procedure to login, view your account, check balances, and view recent payments has not changed.
– The Isidore Volunteer Tracking system has not changed.

In an effort to make your transition to our new site as simple as possible, we added some Q&A below to answer your questions.

Common Q&As

I tried to reach a page on the website and it said the page was not found. What went wrong?

The new site structure means that some content has moved to different places. While we have made an effort to direct you to the information you need, there will be some content that has permanently moved.

If you are using “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” in your browser, you made need to update the links. If you are using a web browser that “autofills” the site address for you, this may lead you to an incorrect page. You may need to clear out your browser history or “cache”. Use these links to find the help you need with your specific web browser:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge

How do I log in to my account?

The login process has not changed. Click on the “Login” link at the top right of the page to access your account.

Do I have to change my password?

This web site change does not require a change to your password.

How do I find what I need on the site?

The best way to navigate this site is using the menu bars at the top. You can also use the site search by clicking on the spyglass icon at the top right of every page and typing in what you are looking for. Look for yellow words and buttons in each page to view additional topics.

I found an error on the website. Who do I notify?

Content errors and broken links can be sent to ads@catholicunited.org. If you have a user problem after logging in, contact the Member Services dept. at 1-800-568-6670.