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Vision Statement

The Foundation strives to strengthen our Faith and provide support to others, not because they are Catholic, but…because WE are Catholic.

Mission Statement

The Foundation, inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, serves the members, employees, and friends of Catholic United Financial, a not-for-profit fraternal benefit association, by:

  • Being accountable to our donors and faithful to our Church's mission,
  • Supporting Catholic schools and parishes with technology grants,
  • Providing support for chastity education,
  • Bringing a Catholic presence to natural disaster sites with our disaster response team, providing training and equipment for spontaneous volunteers,
  • Supplementing the cost of educating and training men for the priesthood.
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Board of Directors

Harald E. Borrmann, President
Robert Heuermann, Executive Director
Fr. Thomas Thompson, Spiritual Advisor
Michael Ahles
Kathy Hemmelgarn
Joseph F. Kueppers
William Lucas
Michael F. McGovern
Kathleen Moriarty
Michael Schmitz
Susan Stenzel
Mark Zeman

Emeritus Members

Frances M. Barten
Dennis L. Olson
Deborah M. Pauly
F.L. Spanier

Contact the Foundation

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Robert Heuermann
Executive Director

Sheri Satterstrom
Development Assistant

3499 Lexington Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55126

Office: 651-765-4135 / 651-490-0170
Toll free: 877-275-7145
Fax: 651-765-4133