Matching Grants

Build community among members and friends of Catholic United while raising money for religious education.

Catholic United Financial provides up to $1,000 in matching funds for Volunteer Team sponsored fundraisers that support religious education.

We will match fundraising efforts 50 cents for every dollar raised. The annual maximum of $1,000 matched by Catholic United can be reached through multiple fundraising events throughout the year.

How to receive a matching grant

1) Plan an event

First, your Volunteer Team should decide on a fundraising activity and think about how it will impact the community. Think beyond simply raising money and consider how the event is going to make a real difference. Some examples of events include:

 – Quilt bingo
 – Spaghetti dinners
 – Silent auctions
 – Waffle breakfasts
 – Bake sales
 – Prize raffles

Next, go over the Matching Grant Checklist to ensure everything is in order for your event. Make use of our publicity resources to get communication materials put together and distributed to ensure best-possible attendance for your event.

2) Submit the event

Matching Grant programs are recorded in Isidore, our online activity tracking system. All event details and copies of publicity used are required to submit your activity for payment. If you are an Administrative Coordinator or Fraternal Secretary, log in now to let us know about your next Matching Grant activity.

3) Receive matching funds

Once an event is submitted in Isidore with all necessary requirements (event details and examples of publicity) and has been confirmed after the event, Member Engagement Staff will review for next steps. All payments are made via direct deposit into the Volunteer Team bank accounts following approval.