Contact Member Engagement

The Member Engagement Department manages Catholic United programs that support the mission of our organization. Our staff provides training, information, and resources to meet the needs of parishes, Councils, and Parish Volunteer Teams. We are available to assist with program guidelines, member benefit information, and general questions either in-person, over the phone, or via email




Engaging communities

The programs available through the Member Engagement Department and other areas of Catholic United Financial allow us to strengthen communities in a five-state area. We provide resources to our members, parishes, Councils, and Parish Volunteer Teams to grow in faith and support religious education.

According to the American Fraternal Alliance, fraternal benefit societies like Catholic United provide billions of dollars back to the American public in the form of volunteer hours, grants, and scholarships. For more information on how Catholic United and others like us engage in your community, visit the Fraternals Give website.

Start a conversation with our Member Engagement department on how Catholic United Financial can help you create a culture of giving and volunteerism in your community.