What is your life insurance love language?
February is “Insure Your Love” month

The month of St. Valentine’s Day is also “Insure Your Love” month, a reminder that buying life insurance to protect the important people in your life is an act of love.

It’s said that love isn’t an emotion but is instead “affection put into action in thought, word and deed.” In his phenomenally popular book “The Five Love Languages,” counselor and pastor Gary Chapman introduced the idea that there are five love languages people use to show love and keep it kindled in their relationships.

What’s your insurance love language? And how could you use your love language to express your desire to protect your spouse and family?

The five love languages that Chapman identified are Acts of Service, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch and Gifts. You might use one or more of the love languages on a regular basis in your relationships, with a preference towards serving your family, or giving out extra-tight hugs to loved ones. On St. Valentine’s Day, there’s an emphasis (or maybe over-emphasis) on gift giving and quality time as expressions of love.

While our love languages might differ, our need to protect the ones we love is universally understood. The purchase of life insurance has an aspect of every type of love language.

•  Act of Service: The act of purchasing a policy is a service that will provide comfort and financial fortitude after the passing of a loved one.

•  Quality Time: Meeting with a Member Advisor can produce some deep conversations around a very specific need for protection and an achievable solution through life insurance.

•  Words of Affection: Send the message that you love someone by telling them their future is financially secure if you can’t be there.

•  Physical Touch: Sign off on that policy and celebrate with a hug or holding hands as you walk into a more confident future.

•  Gifts: The gift of a life insurance policy will last much longer than long-stemmed roses, and has many fewer calories than a box of chocolates! All kidding aside, life insurance has an impact that can last for decades and can contribute to financial health in an impactful way.

Contact your local Member Advisor to get the life insurance process started, and “Insure Your Love” during the month of February.