Reintroducing: Nate Lamusga, Director of Relationship Management

I have a new role as the Director of Relationship Management at Catholic United Financial and wanted to introduce (or reintroduce!) myself to parish leaders in the areas we serve.

  • I’m passionate about serving the Church and am pretty excited about the opportunity to partner with leaders to help them achieve their goals for the community. I’ve worked at Catholic United Financial for many years as the Director of Member Engagement and, more recently, as the Director of Business Intelligence.
  • I’ve also played music for more than 20 years with Sonar Worship, a St. Paul-based Catholic worship
    band, known for leading worship at the Steubenville North Conferences.
  • I’m married and have five kids. My family is active in our local parish and parochial school, St. Joseph in West St. Paul, where I also serve as the chair of the Parish Pastoral Council.

My newly expanded leadership role at Catholic United Financial is to meet and have collaborative conversations with Catholic leaders to find mutually beneficial ways for Catholic United Financial and parishes to work together. We want to support the vision leaders have for their communities, aligned with our vision that all people be financially secure, faith-filled, and engaged in their communities.

Members, the support Catholic United Financial can provide to the families and ministries of your community can come in many forms. If you are a parish leader, or are connected to parish leaders, let’s have crucial conversations about what we can do together to develop community and keep our faith growing and active with the parish at the center.

Parish clergy, lay leaders and ministry volunteers can subscribe to Nate’s monthly email newsletter to stay informed of partnership opportunities with Catholic United Financial. Click here to subscribe. You can also call 1-800-568-6670 to be connected with Nate or another member of our team.