November 2018
An individual singing paperwork.

You can contribute more to your IRA in 2019

People who want to save for retirement should know the IRS has announced new annual increases to IRA contributions in 2019.
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Thank a hero this Veterans Day

As we celebrate Veterans Day, we want to honor those who served, laid their life on the line and those who have fallen.
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From the President: Staying alive means something to life insurance companies, and influences new product development.

From the President: Staying Alive

I am talking about something that only a true insurance nerd would get excited about…mortality tables.
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We remember, we celebrate, we believe

Believe in Love Blog post about the impact of the season of All Saints' and All Souls' observances that can help us and others remember and grieve.
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Save for retirement with our annuities and a new rate.

Catholic United announces new annuity rate

Does Catholic United’s new rate in December 2018 mean a new look at annuities for you?
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