Medicare Open Enrollment Period starts Oct. 15

Are you ready for this important period of time for Medicare change?

This time of year before the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, seniors get bombarded with mailers, phone calls and text messages from Medicare insurance companies.

“All the mixed messages can really confuse even the most savvy consumer. We see an increase in website visits, chats online and people researching after the Labor Day holiday,” states Steve Wendorf, Director of Marketing at Catholic United. “Some people know already what they want, some are kicking the tires and some really need to be educated.”

There’s still a short window of time before the fall open enrollment period frenzy starting Oct. 15. Seniors can schedule a meeting with their local representative now. Catholic United helps well over 500 people each year find the right solution for them, from Part D plans to the right Medicare supplement or Advantage plans.

To help educate our members and friends, Catholic United is holding 30 workshops across the Upper Midwest about the basic workings of Medicare, the differences between Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans, and how to get the right coverage for less monthly cost.

“Our local reps and Medicare specialists plus the workshops can help you cut through the clutter and ground you on the facts in a way that is super easy to understand,” Wendorf adds. “We can help, and in the end, help is what we do best.”

Contact your local rep or email them at for more information and we’ll provide you with direction and a personalized quote comparison. Or, if you are ready to go and know what you want, we’ll get you started over the phone or in person. You can also visit the Medicare Supplement section of our website to get a personalized quote or find a local Medicare workshop.