Smart Money Moves Before 2021 Ends

You have time to set your personal and family finances on a path to a better year in 2022. Make some smart money moves before the end of 2021 rolls around.

Protect Your Family

The future is unpredictable. While every path has its puddles, the past 18 months have been pretty soggy in this crazy time of financial, medical and social upheaval. Get life insurance. Ease some of the anxiety of modern life by knowing that if anything happens to you, you have a plan in place to protect your family, home and way of life. Or, if you have life insurance, check to make sure there aren’t any gaps in your coverage. Your local Sales Representative can provide a personalized insurance review over the phone, over email or in person.

Refinance Debt to Save Money Every Month

Rising inflation means the dollar in your pocket has less buying power than it did last year at this time. Ouch! Thankfully, interest rates are still at record lows. Consider refinancing an existing loan at a lower rate. One example of this is refinancing an auto loan through the Catholic United Financial Credit Union, with the potential of getting a lower interest rate and reducing your monthly payments.

Simplify Through Consolidation

With taxes and inflation on the rise, you might feel powerless to control the course of your finances. One easy step to bring back some control is to simplify your assets. If you have old retirement accounts, inherited accounts, or multiple IRAs or annuities, consider consolidating one or all of those accounts into a single place. Additional benefits to consolidation might include a reduction in the amount of account fees you pay, especially if you move to a fee-free Catholic United annuity.

Use Equity to Pay Down Debt

ls there too much month at the end of your money? One option to manage high interest debt is to use the equity in your home to pay down debt like credit card bills, payday loans or loans with high rates of interest. Tap the value of  your property with a home equity loan from (you guessed it) the Catholic United Financial Credit Union. Getting rid of high interest debt means more of your own money in your pocket. Visit the Credit Union website to learn if their current home equity loan rates can benefit you.

Reconnect Your Finances

Feeling out of touch with where your finances stand? Your local Catholic United representative has a special tool to help you get reconnected to your personal finances. Our “Unite and Grow Factfinder” booklet can help you map out your financial picture in one place, list your assets, and get a sense of where you stand. From there, you have a reference point to make decisions on retirement planning, estate planning, insurance coverage, asset protection and more for the coming year. Contact your local Sales Rep today.


  • Protect your family with Life Insurance
  • Refinance debt to save money on monthly bills
  • Simplify assets and potentially save through consolidation
  • Pay down high interest debt with a home equity loan
  • Reconnect to your overall financial picture