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Tragic events can happen almost instantly, while the effects of the event prolong our pain

We think of tragedy as some isolated, life-altering incident like a car accident or a heart attack. Tragic events can happen almost instantly, but it’s the effects of that event that prolong our pain for months, even years.

“Life insurance is designed to protect families from hardship and tragedy,” says Brian Zitzmann, a Catholic United Sales Representative in western Minnesota and parent of six.

Zitzmann explains that life insurance can be protection against lingering pain from tragedy. “As a parent, I can’t imagine the emotions around dealing with expenses related to a child who has died, or trying to find money for lingering bills while I’m comforting my wife and children.”

Paying back debt is a huge financial consideration today. After suffering through a traumatic illness and death, the next emotional blow against a family is the possibility of debt causing financial hardship.

“A life policy provides peace of mind that there will not be a financial burden in the midst of a traumatic time for a family in the loss of a child,” says Philip Zubrod, a Sales Representative serving Catholics in northern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota.

Life insurance provides funds for funeral expenses, but it can also help resolve debts for medical bills, orthodontic care and student loans.

“After suffering through a traumatic illness
and death, the next emotional blow against a family
is the possibility of debt causing financial hardship.”

Zitzmann continues, “I recommend that parents consider life insurance for their children, such as our inexpensive single premium youth term policy. With just a single premium and a simple application, parents can use life insurance as a buffer against the financial aftermath of tragedy.”

Zitzmann and Zubrod also tout the many advantages that come with insuring a child early.  “It can lock them into something we call ‘insurability’ which means if their medical situation changes to a state that would makes them ineligible for life insurance, they still have options from Catholic United that are guaranteed,” says Zitzmann.

The benefits of a secure financial foundation can be started for children as early as infancy, says Zubrod. “As a parent, I want to do my best to set up a foundation for my children for them and their lives. Insurance is one piece of that foundation. I do not know what their future will be, but I want to set them up so that if something adverse were to happen, they would have tools to help them for their future.”

He cites several reasons that he’s heard parents and grandparents share about insuring the children in their lives. “First and foremost, they want to provide financially for their families in the event of a loss of a child. They also want their children to be a part of Catholic United Financial and be eligible for its benefits, such as eligibility to apply for a scholarship,” says Zubrod. “People also like that Catholic United will provide assistance to their parish or Catholic school through our R.E.new Fund program. Other times, they want to make a gift that will last for a child, and not run out like the batteries in a new toy.”

As a gift, as security, or as peace of mind, both men agree that insuring a child is a proper step for parents to take.

Parents must be beneficiaries. Convertible to up to $50,000 in permanent coverage before expiration without further evidence of insurability. See sales representative for limits on total Youth Term coverage.

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