New online application for youth life insurance has prominent cheerleaders

Catholic United Financial’s new way of buying youth term life insurance online is getting some rave reviews! Two people who are giving this new method five stars are former Minnesota Viking and Super Bowl Champion Matt Birk, and Laura Brickson, principal of St. Bernard’s Catholic School in Thief River Falls, Minn. Both had nothing but great words to share about their experience.

Matt Birk, NFL star and former MN Viking

Birk knows the importance of selecting a company that aligns with his faith and values. Birk states, “I purchased life insurance for my entire family because, in over 140 years, Catholic United has never missed paying out a policy to its members. More than that, they are a company of integrity and are all about serving the community around them. Especially when it comes to Catholic schools and giving back millions a year to help causes which are near and dear to my heart.”

Now easier than ever, parents or grandparents can apply for life insurance on Catholic United’s website. In about 20 minutes, a child can be fully protected with term life insurance throughout childhood through their 30th birthday.

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“When this insurance launched this year, I knew how easy and great it was to sign up my daughter. Plus, when she became a member, she is now eligible to apply for a college scholarship when she graduates next year from high school,” said Brickson.

“Being the principal of St. Bernard’s, I was also able to share the good news with my school community. Many other parents jumped on the bandwagon after they realized the immense benefits Catholic United was bringing to the table, including a donation given right back to the school!”

Jump on the bandwagon today and sign up your child or grandchild for youth term life insurance through our new, online application. Getting a child insured during childhood gives them the potential of life insurance coverage from childhood to maturity. Our term policy gives the insured the option to convert the policy to term or permanent insurance that can last for the rest of their life!

This is a simple, fast way to give your child or grandchild membership in a faith-directed, member-owned financial company that offers one-of-a-kind benefits for you and your community.

Become a member and become something more

Membership in Catholic United Financial starts after you purchase a product from us. Membership means aligning your finances to your faith, and:

  • Making our grants, scholarships and incentive programs possible
  • Encouraging volunteer work and training
  • Fundraising for Catholic parishes, schools and religious education programs
  • Participating in the business decisions of a company that is member-owned and operated
  • Bringing benefits to your local Catholic community